Dresden Files Baltimore

Equinox Party (the first session)

The Spiders!

In-game: September 20, 2010

Scene: Arrival

Location: Greenmount Cemetery

Present: Ezra Tobin

  • Ezra, newly arrived in Baltimore, makes his way to his new home
  • Already living there is Wayne Roberts, or at least his ghost
  • Wayne is far more upset about missing CSI than about being dead
  • Ezra is able to get a description from Wayne about his murder
    • Wayne was engaged in a thaumaturgic ritual, when a man walked up and stabbed him
    • Wayne did not get a good look at the attacker prior to being attacked, and was distracted by the pain after being stabbed
    • Wayne is convinced that DNA testing will locate the culprit
  • Ezra agreed to go to the solstice party tomorrow, and to bring Wayne’s gifts

Scene: Old Friends

Location: The Phone System

Present: Ezra Tobin, Arthur Covington, Elizabeth “Riza” Spangler

  • Ezra made a few calls to his local friends, letting them know that he was in town

In-game: September 21, 2010

Scene: The Party

Location: Chesapeake Restaurant

Present: Arthur Covington, Elizabeth “Riza” Spangler, Ezra Tobin, Keiko Sutherland

  • The Solstice and Equinox Parties marks the turn of the season in Baltimore. At the Solstices, the changeling court (Spring or Autumn) yields to the fae court (Summer or Winter), whilst at the Equinox parties the reverse holds. At this party, Summer, represented by Orin, was yielding to Autumn, represented by Arthur Covington. Everyone in Baltimore’s supernatural community was there. The party is considered Neutral Ground.
  • Orin, presiding over the pre-midnight party, was his usual friendly self.
  • Ezra gave out his gifts, notably
    • To Orin, a stein that transformed any liquid into a fine German Beer
    • To Riza, a proton pack, suitable for use as a focus item
    • To Arthur, a shooting script for Dawn of the Dead, one that saw use during filming
    • To Keiko, a perfume
  • Stanislav Aloysius apparently had slightly too much fun (he was affected by a compel to Keiko Sutherland on Everyone Should Feel Good All the Time)
  • All present gave their condolences to Ezra, some more convincingly than others
  • Jerome Winchester appeared, openly representing his patron, Asase Yaa, for the first time.

In-game: September 22, 2010

Scene: The Transition

Location: Chesapeake Restaurant

Present: Arthur Covington, Elizabeth “Riza” Spangler, Ezra Tobin, Keiko Sutherland

  • At midnight, Orin gave a short speech, and turned the occasion over to Arthur, letting him know subtly that being given this honour position by his compatriots was more a matter of being thrown into the line of fire than anything else.
  • Orin was later seen spiking (some of) the party punch, which Keiko convinced Riza and Ezra to drink.
    • Riza took the Moderate social consequence Got Wasted in Supernatural Public
    • Ezra took the Moderate social consequence The Spiders!
  • A glorious (if late) time was had by all.



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