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Welcome to Dresden Files Baltimore, a small Dresden Files campaign group meeting in, and using our own version of Baltimore. Below you’ll find the High-level overview. Other pages that you might want to look at include

Themes & Threats

Note that, rather than following the strict Dresden Files rules, we seem to be mashing together themes and threats. This may change as we become more familiar with the system, or we may simply decide that we like it that way.

  • Theme Outside forces use us for sport
    • Idea Baltimore is manipulated by outside forces, whether it’s the fae waging proxy wars
      using the changeling courts as pawns or dragons from D.C. deciding they could use another
      little city.
    • Aspect Big Fish Circling a Small Pond
    • Face Asase Yaa, a D.C. dragon who’s decided it’s time to move in
  • Theme The loftiest heights and darkest depths of humanity are on display here
    • Idea Baltimore has some of the best and the worst that humanity has to offer. Often, just
      across the street from one another.
    • Aspect No Middle Ground
    • Faces
  • Theme When you’re pushed around (and there’s a lot of people being pushed around here), how
    do you push back?
    • Idea Should you be tough on crime, or try to rehabilitate? Negotiate, or go after your
      enemies guns blazing? It’s a violent city sometimes. Should you respond in kind?
    • Aspect Is Violence the Answer?
    • Face David Miter

The Status Quo


  • Winter and Summer are fighting a cold war, using Autumn and Spring as their proxies
    • Autumn wants to prove itself to Winter
    • Spring needs Summer’s support to keep from being crushed, but doesn’t want to be drawn in.
  • The White Court is trying to insinuate itself into the retirement homes.
  • Ghosts are rising out of graveyards…and crime scenes.
  • The White Council Warden for Baltimore was just murdered.
  • The Black Court is taking advantage of the East Baltimore Development Initiative for a bit
    of slash-and-burn human agriculture.


  • Hopkins Hospital is one of the few redoubts of science and technology
  • The Special Investigations Division is on the take…from everybody
  • The Gangs are involved in everything
  • City Hall takes its marching orders from Winter

Who fits where?

Maintain the Status Quo Rock the Boat
City Hall Hopkins Hospital
In The Dark
Gangs Believe
Special Investigations
In the Know Black Court White Council White Court
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

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