Wayne Roberts

White Council Warden (Corpse)

  • Face of Greenmount Cemetery
  • High Concept (Former) White Council Warden
  • Motivation Find out who murdered me. I’m not sure the new guy is up to it.
  • Relationships

Wayne Roberts was perhaps best known as the inventor of a rather controversial enchanted item. This item sufficiently suppressed the hexing ability of most wizards as to allow them to own (and operate) black-and-white televisions (and, in the case of younger wizards, even sometimes VCRs), at least for a few years at a time. Perhaps his own best customer, Wayne’s production dropped off in recent years as his addiction to the various CSI shows consumed more and more of his attention. With his recent murder, the secret of his procedure seems to have been lost, causing both great relief and great anguish to the local magical community, depending on how many shows they had become addicted to.

Apparently now a ghost, Wayne is certain that he has the skills to solve his own murder, if only his successor were better at finding the clues.

Wayne Roberts

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