David Miter

Spring Court Craftsman

  • Face of
  • High Concept Spring Court Craftsman
  • Motivation Build something lasting, remind changelings of the importance of their human
    heritage, hold the line against Autumn, keep Spring independent from Summer.
  • Relationships

David Miter is the head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of the arts. He looks about 44 years old, and has dusty brown hair that is turning silver around the edges. His blue eyes and warm smile catch the attention of more then a few co-eds. In addition to his responsibilities as a department head, he teaches courses in Advanced Wood, Green Wood Work, and Environmental Sculpture.

David is also a changeling, and one of the leading members of the Spring Court. He is known in the occult community for being one of the oldest existing changelings. Most changelings have made their choice by the time they reach their mid-thirties, but he is clearly significantly older. Because of this, he is generally regarded as one of Spring’s most important leaders, although the Spring Court lacks the formal power structures typical of the other three courts.
David was one of those who advocated going to Summer for help when the hordes of Winter descended upon them. He is Spring’s official Emissary to the Summer Court. He is a warm, likable man, but he is also insightful and shrewd, and he’s deeply devoted to keeping Spring an independent and vibrant entity.

David Miter

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