Sara Atwater

Autumn Court Hopeful


High Concept: Beautiful and Mysterious Changeling


Sara is hard to pin down. Her fae progenitor was obviously one of the supernaturally attractive forms, but Sara’s own appearance, however attractive, doesn’t seem to partake of either summer or winter. Although she has shown herself to be stronger, faster, and tougher than most mortals, she also hasn’t shown any powers that are specific to a particular fae group. And, although she maintains friendly relations with winter, there are persistent rumours that she also maintains reasonably friendly relations with summer too.

In her rise through Autumn, Sara has come under attack many times, but her serious rivals tend to end up either embarrassed or dead after their attempts on her backfire. She does have a reputation for never striking the first blow, but always capitalizing on a foe’s mistakes.

Sara Atwater

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