Jeremiah Sutherland

Autumn Court Hopeful


High Concept: Looks like an ice troll. Fights like an ice troll.


Jeremiah was in the mid-ranks of the Autumn Court until the death of Blizzard-borne Glacier. After that unfortunate incident, it was widely rumoured (possibly with Jeremiah’s contrivance), that Glacier had planned to betray Autumn, and had been taken down by Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is known for being strong, tall, blonde, and direct. He has a soldier’s sense of honour, and loves a good fight (preferably against an honourable foe, but he’ll take what he can get). Currently, he is part of Autumn’s ruling triumvirate (theoretically under the direction of Arthur Covington in his role of King of Autumn).

Jeremiah Sutherland

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