Emissary of the Spirit of Baltimore


High Concept: Emissary of the Spirit of Baltimore
Trouble: “. . . And Justice For All”

Additional Aspects
Mother’s (and everyone else’s) little helper
The voices told me to . . . didn’t they?
Baltimore – The City that Blee . . . Not on my watch!
Baltimore – The Greatest City in America!


Human Form
Average (+1): Stealth, Presence, Rapport, Athletics, Empathy
Fair (+2): Lore, Fists, Contacts
Good (+3): Discipline, Investigation
Great (+4): Endurance, Survival
Superb (+5): Conviction, Alertness

Elemental Form
Average (+1): Lore, Presence, Intimidation, Empathy, Stealth
Fair (+2): Discipline, Survival, Investigation
Good (+3): Alertness, Athletics
Great (+4): Might, Fists
Superb (+5): Conviction, Endurance

Stress Boxes
Physical: 6 [4 vs Fire]
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Armor: 1 (Physical) [Negated by Fire]

Marked By Power (-1)
Guide My Hand (-1)
Psychometry (-1)
Sponsored Magic [Channeling] (-2)
Beast Change (-1)
Inhuman Recovery (-2)
Inhuman Endurance* (-2)
Inhuman Strength* (-2)
Claws [Weapon: 2]* (-1)
Human Form (+1) (*Accessible only in Elemental Form)
The Catch (+3) Fire (Inhuman Endurance, Inhuman Recovery)


Background Phase Events:
Jacob’s parents are reasonably affluent and very socially conscious. they spent a great deal of time on charitable endeavors, bringing Jacob along when he was old enough. Jacob grew very close with his parents as a result, and enjoyed helping the less fortunate. That said, he always realized the complications of a close relationship, given his position.
Background Phase Aspect: Mother’s (and everyone else’s) little helper

Rising Conflict Events:
Jacob was at the park, minding his own business and enjoying the day. He noticed the sounds of an altercation and moved closer to see what was going on. Four older boys were bullying – and beating – another boy. Jacob turned away to call the police . . . when the voices screamed into his mind for the first time. “Stop this stop this stop this stop this STOP THIS!!” Before he knew what was happening, Jacob sprang into the fight, defeating the bullies with powers he didn’t know he had. In the aftermath, with the voices still clamoring in his head, Jacob fled into the woods.

Rising Conflict Aspect: The voices told me to . . . didn’t they?

Story Events:
Joggers were being murdered around JHU. Not good. Not good at all. Bodies drained of blood. Ran into a young M.E. at one crime scene. Asked her what it meant. She didn’t know much, but she helped me find someone who did. Vampires. Not good. Not in MY city.
Story Title: What’s a Little Exsanguination Between Friends?
Story Aspect: Baltimore, The City That Blee . . . Not on My Watch!
Guest Stars: Alex

Guest Star Events:
Title: The Honorable Senator From . . . The Autumn Court Has the Floor?
Guest Star Aspect: Baltimore, The Greatest City in America
Star: Arthur
Guest Stars:


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