Jack Jordan

Supernatural Fixer, Bounty Hunter


High Concept: Supernatural Fixer, Bounty Hunter
Trouble: “Who are you and what have you done to my spell?” / Unknown Origin

Additional Aspects
Mentor – Colonel Michael McShea
I’ll try anything once / Thrillseeker
Consummate Smartass
Ya know what? Fuck the Winter Court. Seriously.
I’m the best there is

Average (+1): Stealth, Contacts, Fists, Deceit, Survival
Fair (+2): Craftsmanship, Presence, Alertness
Good (+3): Endurance, Resources, Athletics
Great (+4): Discipline, Lore
Superb (+5): Conviction, Guns

Stress Boxes
Physical: 4 (10 VS Magic)
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Armor: 3 (VS Magic)
+1 mild mental consequence

Mortal Stunts
Craftsmanship (Gunsmithing) (-1)
Craftsmanship (Traps) (-1)
Guns (Close Quarters Combat) (-1)
Guns (Dual Pistol) (-1)
Resources (HQ Workspace – Craftsmanship) (-1)

Channeling (Countermagic) (-2)
Mythic Toughness (Magic) (-1)

Focus Items
+1 Control (Defensive)
+1 Power (Defensive)

Total Refresh: 11
Total Refresh Cost: –8
Adjusted Refresh: 3


Jack Jordan

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