Ezra Tobin

A young Warden recently assigned to Baltimore


High Concept: Youngest Acting Warden of the White Council
Trouble: “I don’t seem to fit anywhere.”

Additional Aspects
Last manuscript of Tobin’s White Grimoire
Memorized the Unseelie Accords
“Why does Hell want my mother?!”
Reliable muscle from the Nevernever
Winter has decided I’m… interesting.

Athletics: Fair (+2)
Alertness: Fair (+2)
Contacts: Fair (+2)
Conviction: Great (+4)
Discipline: Great (+4)
Driving: Average (+1)
Empathy: Average (+1)
Endurance: Good (+3)
Fists: Average (+1)
Guns: Average (+1)
Intimidation: Average (+1)
Investigation: Good (+3)
Lore: Superb (+5)
Presence: Average (+1)
Resources: Average (+1)
Scholarship: Fair (+2)
Weapons: Good (+3)

Stress Boxes
Mental: 4
Physical: 4
Social: 3

Mortal Stunts
Wall of Death [-1]

Evocation [–3]
Thaumaturgy [–3]
The Sight [–1]
Soulgaze [–0]
Wizard’s Constitution [–0]

Total Refresh Cost: –8
Effective Refresh: 3

Evocation: Elements (Air, Spirit (Light), Water); Power (Light +1)
Thaumaturgy: Complexity (Summoning and Binding +1)

Rote Spells
NOTE: Ezra was taught Enochian as the language to cast his spells in.

PIRIPSOL (water attack, four shifts): Fires a stream of scalding hot water at very, very high pressure (Weapon: 4) at the target.

NA-NA-E-EL (water block, four shifts): creates a high-pressure cascading waterfall in front of Ezra’s hand and acts as either Armor or a block. Usually, Ezra uses one shift for persistence, so he can do something else in the following exchange without renewing the shield.

IP-LUCIFTIAN (spirit block, five shifts): Veils Ezra and one or two additional people standing with him. Seeing through the veil requires a roll against a difficulty of Superb (+5) unless he expends a shift into persistence. Requires the gold pentacle ring.

HUBARDO (spirit maneuver, five shifts): Creates bright and distracting light show, putting Distracting Light Show as an aspect on the scene and granting two exchanges of persistence. Requires the gold pentacle ring.

BAGHIE (spirit attack, five shifts): Focuses a beam of light into a laser (Weapon: 4) aimed a single target. Risks burning, like fire. Requires the gold pentacle ring.

Focus Items
Gold Pentacle “Ring of Solomon”: Offensive / Defensive Control +1 for Spirit Evocation (2 slots)
Marble Pentacle / Sigil Dei Aemeth: +1 Discipline for Summoning and Binding (1 slot)

Enchanted Items
Warden Sword: Cuts through anything (it counts as a Weapon:3 sword at minimum in all circumstances); 3 times/session acts as either a Fantastic (+6) counterspell or a Weapon:6 item; uses two slots.


High Concept: Youngest Acting Warden of the White Council
Trouble: “I don’t seem to fit anywhere.”
Footnote: Ezra doesn’t fit into stereotypical “white” society and is often uncomfortable around fellow Afro-Americans. As the youngest active Warden in the White Council, he can’t exactly mix easily with other mages but isn’t really comfortable with the Wardens either. Always something of an outcast, unlike, say, Harry Dresden, he wants to fit in but can’t.

Background Phase Events:
Charles Tobin was the most powerful summoner in the White Council outside of the Senior Council, and when he and his latest wife, Deborah Tobin née Nadelman, found they couldn’t have children, they adopted a young Afro-American baby. Charles had seen magickal potential in the boy, and was too old to care about what anyone thought about the adoption.
Ezra was raised in a relatively affluent environment in the white suburbs of Washington, DC. Even before he began his training under his father, he often helped edit “Tobin’s White Grimoire,” a guide to the most trustworthy (and/or bribable or weak-willed) spirit entities of the Nevernever. Then, when Ezra was in his 20s and a wizard in his own right, Charles Tobin had the distinction of becoming one of the few wizards to die naturally, in his sleep.
Background Phase Aspect: Last manuscript of Tobin’s White Grimoire

Rising Conflict Phase Events: As soon as Charles passed away, Ezra and his mother found themselves swamped with loose ends arising from a centuries-long life: Ex-wives, “half siblings” for Ezra, old enemies, and debts to spirits that only came due upon the death of Charles Tobin. In the chaos over the Tobin estate, Ezra’s mother was kidnapped by a sorcerer and “half sibling,” Elijah Tobin. Elijah was closely associated enough with the Black Court to claim their protection, tying up any potential White Council retaliation in red tape.
Despite several attempts on his life and strong evidence that his mother was possibly being tortured, Ezra did not attack Elijah or tear his mother’s location from Elijah’s mind, though he had ample opportunity to do so, and even a sense that the White Council might look the other way. Instead, he studied the Unseelie Accords backward and forward, and found a loophole that allowed him to force Elijah away from his sanctum to answer a procedural charge. Elijah was gone long enough to allow a horde of beings summoned by Ezra rescue Deborah, all without burning any White Council resources and without endangering their prestige. His dedication to the Laws of Magic and the Council in the midst of chaos led to his training and appointment as a Warden.
Rising Conflict Phase Aspect: Memorized the Unseelie Accords

Story Phase Events: When a mortal is murdered with Infernal magick in DC while the ranking Warden is out of town, Ezra has to find the killer before it is taken out of his hands. But can Ezra succeed when the White Court claims they have jurisdiction?
Guest Star Notes: While in a club “owned” by the White Court, Ezra mistakes Keiko Sutherland (a Changeling) for a member of the White Court. Once that misunderstanding is cleared up, she calls in another Changeling, Arthur Covington, and the trio school the White Court at their own game. Once the screening provided by the White Court is removed, Ezra finds out the whole thing is a distraction set up by the Denarians, who are seeking to recruit Deborah Tobin.
Story Phase Aspect: “Why does Hell want my mother?!” — Replaced by “Information is Power,” below

Guest Star Phase Events: When a young Ectomancer named Riza is framed for murder by a client, Ezra is the only one who believes her, providing discreet protection and advice until she clears herself.
Whose Story? Riza
Who else was in this story? Keiko Sutherland
Guest Star Phase Aspect: Reliable muscle from the Nevernever

Guest Star Redux Phase Events: When a Changeling is under pressure from the Winter Court, Ezra provides the excuse under the Accords to protect the Senator
Whose Story? Arthur Covington
Who else was in this story? Riza
Guest Star Redux Phase Aspect: Winter has decided I’m… interesting.

Campaign Commentary: As the campaign has gone on, it has been shown that while Ezra understands that too much power too fast is a dangerous thing, such as when it comes to breaking the Laws of Magic, he finds it difficult to resist gathering information, whether via the Sight or other means. Especially via the Sight. (Of course, this does not include gathering information about things beyond the Outer Gates… This goes back to the concept of too much power, too fast.)
On the positive end of things, Ezra is very good at using what information he has to its fullest advantage. (Really, let’s face it: If Ezra wasn’t a wizard, he’d be a hacker.)
New Aspect: Information is Power — Replaces “Why does Hell want my mother?!”

Ezra Tobin

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