Elizabeth "Riza" Spangler

Wizard-Private Investigator, specializing in Ghosts


“Elizabeth Spangler”
“Private Investigations Wizard”
Tel: ###-###-####

Lost objects found.
Strange events investigated.
Reasonable rates.
No “love potions”, “endless purses”, other entertainment.

High Concept: Wizard Private Investigator
Trouble: I see dead people.
Other Aspects: My life is a dark room, Bookworm-know-it-all, Who ya gonna call?, Dark is not evil and light is not good, Pull with SI, Black Sheep of the Family.
Temporary Aspects: Long-term—“Doom of Damocles”—mentor, Rebecca (assisted by Warden Tobin)


Physical (4)
Mental (3)
Social (3)
Armor, Etc:


Superb(5) Investigation
Great (
4) Discipline, Endurance
Good (3) Lore, Stealth, Rapport
Fair (
2) Conviction, Athletics, Intimidation, Alertness
Average (+1) Presence, Deceit, Empathy, Fists, Weapons

Stunts & Powers

Evocation [-3]
Thaumaturgy [-3]
The Sight [-1]
Soulgaze [-0]
Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
“It takes one to know one…”-con-artist


Appearance Midwestern-girl and features, standing at 5’6", Elizabeth is skinny and lithe and tomboyish in appearance and by practicality. It allows her to not stand out, beyond her being a wizard already. Brown hair is usually pulled back in a pony-tail, but hangs to her shoulders when loose, with brown-eyes over a non-descript face.

She prefers “Riza” to her given name, as it was how Bao Fen called her, although Ezra insists on calling her Elizabeth. She favors loose jeans and converse high-top sneakers, with tee-shirts or tank tops in plain and non-descript colors. A sweatshirt for warmth, or occasionally a classical Chinese ‘kung fu’ shirt in black/white. When it’s really cold, or wet, a long and loose brown hooded trench coat tends to work well for practicality.

Discreetly, she wears a silver pendent that has the vague ‘shape’ of a yin-yang, on a black cord, under her clothing to remind her of her lessons and balance. On her left wrist, she usually has a bracelet of silver-ching dynasty coins, which functions as a focus item. She often also has a backpack or messenger-bag, when working on cases, carrying basic supplies for her ‘work’, both mundane and magical.

She is listed in the phone-book, and has business cards. The way she describes herself, most people seem to think she’s simply a very good PI—much like a Computer-wizard is a person extremely skilled with computers, despite some flyers in her office. Sometimes, Elizabeth bothers to correct this misconception.

Born the middle child in a family that was fundamentalist christian of the toxic type. Insular, cult-like, and convinced everything not ‘godly’ (which was narrowly defined) was demonic and of the devil. Latent abilities in ectomancy, exhibited at a young age, which of course convinced her family she was possessed. Attempts to “exorcise” the demons from Elizabeth were more like abuse, qualifying as such to sane people. A late bloomer, with a curiosity about the world she saw, versus the world everyone around her tried to convince her was real, she was quiet and withdrawn and bookish.. And tomboyish, doing her best to not draw more attention, for fear of more abuse, while on the side trying to learn what she could about the ‘normal’ world. She projected ‘normal’ as much as she could, and didn’t mention anything more about the other people she saw—the ones with strange wounds, or who faded in daylight, and were oddly emotional.

At 17, it took some doing, but she ran away, as far as she could get. Passing for 18, and heading to the other side of the country, working what odd jobs she could. Her years of being able to put on a good ‘face’ led to lots of odd jobs while a childhood having to ‘read’ people meant she didn’t really get close to anyone. Eventually in Virginia, she worked under a con-artist “Medium” as house servant and personal assistant. But while the woman was more interested in making money, Elizabeth wanted to actually try to help their clients—deceased or living. Snooping and getting herself into trouble, brought her to the attention of Wayne Roberts, who pointed her in the right direction for training.

Training came under a Wizard in good standing with the White Council, named Xia Bao Fen; a petite chinese woman who practiced Tai Chi, and was gentle enough to draw “Riza” out and teach her more than the surface of people, while firm enough and strong enough to guide her and protect her. Bao Fen’s own predilection is for subtlety and control, along with balance of forces. Riza’s desire to help both the living and dead, fit right under this concept of balance.

Elizabeth "Riza" Spangler

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