Asase Yaa

A Louisiana dragon who rides her pawns using voodoo rituals

  • Face of Big Fish Circling a Small Pond
  • High Concept High-powered Louisiana Dragon who wants a piece of Baltimore
  • Motivation
    • There’s something that I want here. What I want, I arrange to have.
    • Replace ordered society with a more primal, tribe-based society
  • Relationships

Asase Yaa’s origins are lost in African myths, but it is known that she has been active in American politics for at least the past two hundred years. In that time, she has made her home territory in the swamps of Louisiana, controlling outside minions in a variety of other cities without any obvious connection to one another.

Although, like all dragons, Asase Yaa’s power is formidable in person, she prefers to act through her minions. A substantial fraction of voodoo ceremonies are actually secret rituals calling her to possess the subject, and the next time you see a Pentecostal speaking in tongues, well, you never know. In any case, possessing minions allows her to spread her power without needing geographical proximity.

Asase Yaa is associated with the underworld, the land, fertility, miscegenation, buried secrets, and the cycle of life — she’s a cthonic entity, whose world is the swamps and rivers under the earth. Her agenda seems to involve extending her power throughout the US, particularly by corrupting formal power structures and replacing them with more primal, informal ones based on kinship, blood, and violent domination. Her magical powers are similar to those of summer, but instead of her magic evoking the rustic farms and forests of Ireland, it embodies the sullen wet fertility of North American tropical swamps and rain forests. Her allegiance, if any, in the continual struggle between the summer and winter courts is unknown.

Asase Yaa

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