Arthur Covington

Wealthy Eccentric Shapeshifter


High Concept: Wealthy Eccentric Shapeshifter
Trouble: I was meant for great things…and I have absolutely no choice in the matter.

Additional Aspects
Isolated Geek at Heart
Fear: It does a body good!
Mysterious Inheritance
King of the Autumn Court
“I’ll beat them all at their own game”

Average (+1): Alertness, Conviction, Investigation, Presence, Discipline
Fair (+2): Contacts, Burglary, Scholarship
Good (+3): Endurance, Stealth
Great (+4): Resources, Empathy
Superb (+5): Intimidation, Deceit

Stress Boxes
Physical: 4
Mental: 3
Social: 3

Mortal Stunts

True Shapeshifting (-4)
Glamour (-2)
Modular Abilities (-4)
Item of Power (0)
Involuntary Change (+1)


Owns the Senator.

Arthur Covington is the creepy neighbor who lives in the house that all the local Columbia kids say is haunted. His modest estate is the former plantation home that once owned the entire community (see google earth placemark for a pic of the estate). He apparently inherited his money and the house, though he lives alone except for an aging household staff and an unending stream of personal assistants who invariably quit after a very short tenure under dubious circumstances. Several of the former employees who quit have attempted to make wild claims to police and a few have had mental breakdowns, which has only added to the notoriety of the reclusive man in the creepy home. Largely shunned by his neighbors and content to keep to himself, he recently made headlines when he purchased the closed Senator Theatre from Baltimore City and announced his intentions to reopen the historic landmark. Covington is a self-described lover of cinema and decided that he could not stand by and watch such a treasure close its doors forever.

Within the occult world, Covington is known as a changeling and a ranking member of the Autumn court. He’s ambitious and eager to ally himself with others in the occult community. A few talented individuals who may have earned his trust and shown some discretion may have discovered that he doesn’t know nearly as much about the occult community (or even changelings) as he pretends to, and that he’s actively seeking to locate his father. His shapeshifting abilities make him useful in a variety of ways, from infiltration to spying to physical protection. Though he often pretends to be all business, he will occasionally latch on to those who show him kindness (in a socially awkward “I don’t have any friends” kind of way).

Background Phase Events:
The serving staff raised me. They were strict. As in, “you-can’t-leave-the-house” level strict.
I never got out and they only let me eat this strange food that tasted really really bad. Thank god for modern technology.
Background Phase Aspect: Isolated Geek at Heart: Movies, TV, and the Internet were my best friends.

Rising Conflict Events:
My powers began to show. The staff never talked about it, just like they never let me talk about my parents. But occasionally I would find some books lying around. I managed to piece together a little bit of what I was. And with my ability to change forms, I was able to sneak out. This didn’t make Richard and the other servants happy. There was a power struggle as I rebelled. I scared some of them. Scaring people feels good. Richard withheld knowledge and promised a special gift…
Rising Conflict Aspect: Fear: It does a body good!

Story Events:
I’ve finally got my ring! But the Senator is closing. I can’t let that happen. Richard wouldn’t let me produce a movie, but he wasn’t going to stop me from saving this historic landmark. It seemed so easy. The city officials wanted me to buy it from the city. At a reduced price. But there are strings attached. They didn’t care about saving the landmark; the winter court wanted a new headquarters for the Autumn court to launch attacks from. What a nightmare! With Ezra and Elizabeth’s help, Arthur is able to wrangle his way out of this…with the Senator saved to boot!
Story Title: Strangers Bearing Gifts
Story Aspect: Mysterious Inheritance
Guest Stars: Ezra Tobin and Elizabeth

Guest Star Events:
I’m done buying rare DVD’s at Balticon and I’m getting ready to prank Fran- no, Edwa, no…whatever his name is. My Personal Assistant. And I’m crouched behind a ledge by the water and suddenly some green-haired chick scares the crap out of me. I turn and she sees my face and I scare the crap out of her. After a bit of confusion, I figure out she’s a changeling. I can’t let the Autumn court catch her or they’ll eat her alive, so I take her to the Senator and we watch a private showing of “Hellboy II,” while I try to give some not-so-subtle hints during the faerie scenes. She’s a little dense and quickly gets very drunk, and I realize that this isn’t working. I can’t just hand her over to my nominal enemies, but I also couldn’t live with myself to let Autumn Court just scoop her up and corrupt her. So I call Elizabeth and get her to tell Keiko the things I can’t say for reasons of plausible deniability. Unfortunately, someone saw us by the harbor. One of the cops with the Special Affairs, and their leader is corrupt. We have to go through some trouble to make sure her identity isn’t sold to the highest bidder. What a day!
Story Name: I’m a WHAT?!?
Story Aspect: In power, over my head in the Autumn Court
Star: Keiko Sutherland
Guest Star: Elizabeth

Guest Star II Events:
Keiko calls me, all panicked. Apparently some White Court vamps are bothering her after she had an encounter with Ezra. Intentional or not, she’s been caught up in this mess, so I take her to Ezra and the three of us put our heads together and stick it to the White Court.
Story Name: Devil’s Dance
Story Aspect: “I’ll beat them all at their own game.”
Star: Ezra Tobin
Guest Star: Keiko Sutherland

Arthur Covington

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