Andrew Iceflower

Autumn Court Hopeful


High Concept: More fae than thou, and definitely more wintery than thou
Trouble: Poser


Andrew wears white furs, and has changed his name to “sound more like a fae name” (at least, in his own mind). One of Blizzard-borne Glacier’s chief supporters (some might say “toadies”), Andrew saw himself as the natural successor after Glacier’s unfortunate demise. Indeed, in the time since that demise, Andrew “has come to regard Blizzard-borne as a father”, and in his descriptions at least, Glacier regarded him as a son.

Although he has alienated a significant fraction of Autumn (and even Winter, although those members who don’t have to deal with him directly are mostly just amused), Andrew is a powerful changeling, and does command the reluctant support of Glacier’s faction, who have decided that, bad as he is, anyone else would be worse.

Andrew Iceflower

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