Alex Vakros

Mild mannered M.E. and Avatar of the Furies


High Concept: Mild mannered M.E. and Avatar of the Furies
Trouble: I’ve made powerful enemies I know nothing about

Additional Aspects
“She blinded me with science!”
Hell hath no fury . . . like a Fury?
“I killed a girl and I liked it”
Kindly Guardian of Hopkins Hospital

Average (+1): Deceit, Lore, Might, Presence, Stealth
Fair (+2): Alertness, Discipline, Investigation
Good (+3): Athletics, Rapport, Resources
Great (+4): Conviction, Fists
Superb (+5): Endurance, Scholarship

Stress Boxes
Physical: 6 [4 vs Plastic]
Mental: 4
Social: 3
Armor: 1 (Physical) [Negated by Plastic]
+1 mild physical consequence

Mortal Stunts
Doctor (M.E., Scholarship) (-1)

Marked by Power (-1)
Fury Co-pilot (-1)
Supernatural Sense (-1) [Can smell the blood of the innocent on their murderers]
Guide My Hand (-1)
Inhuman Recovery (-2)
Inhuman Toughness (-2)
The Catch – Plastic (+3)
Human Guise (0)
Claws [Weapon: 2] (-1)
Inhuman Speed (-2)

Total Refresh Cost: –9
Adjusted Refresh: 2


Background Phase Events:
Alex had a relatively mundane childhood. She was always a good student, but it didn’t hurt to have two parents that were teachers.
Background Phase Aspect: “She blinded me with science!”

Rising Conflict Events:
Two or Three months ago I was called in to the East Baltimore Development for a homicide. 27 year old female, decapitated and wrapped in sheets of plastic. She had two tattoos – right shoulder said Sophie, the left was a symbol I didn’t recognize. Then it disappeared and I knew what it was. Now it’s on my arm.
Rising Conflict Aspect: Ancient symbol tattoo

Story Events:
When I started investigating Sophie’s murder things changed. I just knew things and saw things I didn’t understand. There was something in my head driving me to avenge Sophie. And the murderer was powerful, with even more powerful friends. But I made a friend who helped me kill her. We thought she was a vampire, but why leave Sophie’s body like that? Who have I pissed off?
Story Title: Who Avenges the Avengers?
Story Aspect: “I killed a girl and I liked it”
Guest Stars: Jacob

Alex Vakros

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