Dresden Files Baltimore


The Discreet Gentleman's Guide to New York

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Demonic Investigation

Location: Greenmount Cemetery

Present: Ezra, Arthur,

  • Ezra receives a call from Warden Goldberg in New York, asking for help with a demon problem
  • Ezra agrees, and suggests that Warden Goldberg visit in order to help Ezra go through the tomes
    that Ezra inherited from Charles Tobin
  • Warden Goldberg agrees, and says that he’ll be there in a couple of hours. He is. By train.
  • Warden Goldberg provides a sketch to Ezra, and the two examine it
  • In the course of hunting through Tobin’s Grimoire, Ezra finds a note from from his father.
    “Ezra, If you’re reading this then you’re probably old enough. It’s important that you forgive
    your mother. At the time, she did what was necessary. Love, Charles” The note is located in the
    margins of a page describing the appropriate sacrifices to provide for higher demons
  • Ezra and Goldberg do eventually find the demon that Goldberg is looking for
    • It’s part of a group known as the Chigozatherai
    • Their True Names are all of six syllables, and always start with “Chi-go-za-ther”
    • Fairly minor as demons go, and accordingly easy to summon
    • Very definitely male demons
  • Warden Goldberg explains that such a demon has been stalking a young woman (a friend of his
    daughter’s who attends the same synagogue)
  • Riza agrees to go along in order to stay with Catherine (the young woman in question) in case
    she’s attacked, whilst Ezra and Goldberg wait out of sight to attack when the demon appears
  • Arthur agrees to go along (with the understanding that he will interview a reporter who once
    wrote a story about his mother’s birth along the way)
  • Goldberg expresses an interest in meeting Daniel at some point


Location: In Transit

Present: Ezra, Arthur,

  • The group are picked up by a Metromancer taxi, which takes them to Penn
    Station at an average speed exactly equal to the speed limit.
  • Somehow, the driver never hits a red light, and is never slowed down by other traffic
  • It appears that the driver is a focussed practitioner who looks far enough into the future to
    always be in the right place to travel quickly
  • The Metromancer train adds in the slowing down of time. Time doesn’t stop, but it does slow
    down for those outside the train.
  • The trip features superb food and an animated puppet show.
  • Ezra and Arthur are each given “The Discreet Gentleman’s Guide to New York”
  • Riza receives “The Discreet Lady’s Guide to New York”
  • The group meets Goldberg’s family (those still at home, anyway), including his wife, daughter,
    and son.
  • Arthur, who has decided to assume female form, borrows some clothing from Goldberg’s daughter
    • At first, Arthur has some difficulty with the clothing, being somewhat prone to unconscious
      exaggeration of anatomy

The Stakeout

Location: Catherine’s House

Present: Arthur, Riza

  • Catherine welcomes the group in to her apartment
  • Arthur, still in female form, calls his PA to give him a tire iron. His PA seems confused.
    • Daniel later calls to let Arthur know that Daniel prevented the PA from calling the police to
      report a kidnapping
  • Arthur discovers that Catherine is a fan of independent films, especially horror
  • They begin watching some films, and Arthur starts hitting on Catherine. She appears not to
  • Riza sets up a detection web, but accidentally attunes it primarily to spirits rather than



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