Dresden Files Baltimore

The Duel

I thought they killed you in the sexy way

October 12, 2010

The Duel

Location: M&T Bank Stadium (luxury box)

Present: Arthur, Ezra

  • The duel between Ezra and Devin is to be held in
    Jerome’s boss’ box
  • Representing the Black Court are Devin and Latoya
  • Jerome has invited the White Court to assist him in refereeing
  • While Ezra duels Devin, Madeleine (house Skavis) feeds on Arthur
  • Madeleine comforts Arthur on Ezra’s “inevitable demise”, leaving him depressed and only
  • Ezra is eventually able to overcome Devin’s vampiric stamina, especially because Devin isn’t
    actually a good hand-to-hand fighter
  • Before being dismembered, disembowelled, and beheaded, Devin does taunt Ezra about “what his
    mother did before Ezra got her back.”
  • Ezra’s final words to Devin are “Take back what you said about my mother!” Devin’s head does
    not reply.
  • After the duel, Ezra quickly forces Charles to back down, and Madeleine releases
    Arthur. Charles promises Madeleine will be punished, and he will pay weregild
  • Jerome is cheerfully indifferent to any damage to the box, which his boss has paid for (and
    never invited Jerome to a game).


Location: The Senator Movie Palace

Present: Ezra, Arthur

  • Ezra comforts Arthur with the original Star Wars trilogy (after a close brush with asking the
    staff to “start with episode one”
  • Arthur is depressed to learn that not all White Court vampires use sex to feed
  • Ezra and Arthur discuss whether Asase Yaa might be somehow rooted to the ground by Wayne’s
    death curse
  • Arthur fills in Ezra on the assassination attempt during the parade and the results of Arthur’s
  • Arthur also mentions Amanda, and his suspicion that she was sent by his father
    • Amanda is revealed to be present (via the old alien-bursting-out-of-your-popcorn trick)
    • Arthur immediately asks her to take a blood test so that he can check if they’re related
      • Amanda is a touch put off by this request, or at least confused
      • Amanda does reveal that she is an orphan, and was brought up in Boston



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