Dresden Files Baltimore

The Hired Help

They have swords. They chop off your head with them.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Early Morning Eavesdropping

Present: Riza

Location: Police Headquarters

  • Jerome gathers up the arrestees
  • Riza tags along with the suspects as they’re taken to jail.
    • The unconscious ones end up in lockup until they wake up
    • The remaining thug is brought in for an unproductive interrogation
      • As far as he knows, he was hired to throw glitter dust on the parade
      • He drew his knife when threatened, and then everything started getting weird
  • During the interrogation, the Chief of Police walks in, and orders the civilians to leave
    • Riza hangs around outside, and listens in as the Chief leaves with Jerome
    • The Chief is obviously tired, complaining about having been woken up, and complaining about
      Jerome’s arrests

Delivering a Warning

Present: Arthur

Location: Covington Estate

  • Arthur makes a call to David Miter, in order to let him know that
    the attack failed, and warn him off
  • Miter seems quite surprised, and claims to have had no idea that anything was even planned
  • Miter does agree to pass along the word in the Spring Court that Arthur can (and will) take
    care of himself
  • Arthur also lets Miter know that Arthur is sympathetic to Spring’s ideas
  • Miter suggests that the Changeling courts may have more in common than either does with the
    fae. Arthur does not disagree.

Meeting with the Police

Present: Arthur, Keiko, Riza

Location: The Senator

  • Jerome calls to set up a meeting with the group
  • Arthur suggests a meeting at the Senator, and changes the day’s movie to “Police Academy”
  • Jerome, showing due appreciation for the movie, mostly just wants to vent
    • The Mayor got woken up around 3, the Police Chief around 3:30, and the suspects were freed
      without charges soon thereafter
    • Apparently, eyewitness reports were either confused, or reported Arthur and company attacking
      the changelings
    • Jerome does manage to pass to the group the phone number called by the suspects
    • Arthur recognizes that the number belongs to Jones, Shannon’s
      assistant at Winter
  • After Jerome leaves, Arthur calls his PA
    • He wants to know everything that there is to know about the Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Arthur begins planning
    • What if he can transform into the Mayor, and do something both public and illegal?
      • Sexual harassment?
      • Buying drugs?
      • Hate-filled racist rants?
  • Arthur’s PA calls back, and lets him know that
    • The deputy mayor, John Wilkins, actually opposed the mayor in the elections
    • After the election, the existing deputy mayor died of a heart attack, and the current deputy
      was appointed
    • Arthur’s PA also wants to thank him for hiring her new assistant

Making Friends

Present: Arthur

Location: Deputy Mayor’s House

  • Arthur decides to visit the deputy mayor
  • Arthur has his car drop him off about a mile away, glamours himself into invisibility, and
  • Arthur transforms himself into Gary Oldman from Dracula
  • John Wilkins lets Arthur in, explaining that he was expecting a visit from someone else
    • Wilkins is somewhat reluctant to talk about the election, Bill (the Mayor), or City Hall
    • Arthur is able to convince Wilkins that Shannon and Jones work for him, and Wilkins becomes
      more forthcoming
    • It seems that both Bill and Wilkins work for Winter
    • Arthur tells Wilkins to start distancing himself from the Mayor, just in case
  • Arthur returns as himself, to meet again with the Deputy Mayor
    • They discuss old movies, and the Senator’s need for more parking and transit access.

New Faces (simultaneous with Making Friends)

Present: Riza, Keiko

Location: Covington Estate

  • Riza and Keiko pay a visit to Arthur’s newest staff member
  • Daniel meets them at the door
    • He is quite polite, whilst still being careful not to invite Riza to enter
    • The new assistant, Amanda, was apparently “highly recommended”
    • Arthur has also apparently hired one Frederick, a rather indistinct cloaked form, as an
      assistant for Daniel
    • Amanda is a rather striking woman, with a sense of humour similar to Arthur’s
  • In passing, Eleanor asks them for some “rather delicate” help
    • She discovered a bra in her personal laundry, with the usual psychic bloodstains, and wants to
      find out if it’s theirs
    • It isn’t, but she’s sure that it belongs to someone close by
    • Riza asks about the laundry, and finds out that Eleanor picks it up in the Nevernever, washes
      it, and returns it
    • Cold water wash, for blood.
    • Based on a decent Lore roll (for once, on this issue), Riza tentatively identifies Eleanor as
      a Washer at the Ford
    • During the conversation, Eleanor mentions more than once how terrible it can be to try to
      cheat destiny

Together Again

Present: Arthur, Riza, Keiko

Location: Covington Estate

  • Arthur meets Amanda, who has transformed into a match for his current PA
  • Arthur himself transforms, and the PA makes a strategic retreat
  • Amanda mentions some other humorous possibilities, such as wearing a bit of real clothing below
    the shapeshifted clothing
    • She demonstrates by reaching in through her existing clothing to remove her bra
    • Riza notes that it is the proper size to match the one discovered by Eleanor, albeit not
      quite the same style
  • There is some discussion as to why Winter might have bailed out the attackers
    • Not all Summer changelings belong to the Spring Court — these attackers might have been
      Autumn Court
    • If they are, Winter would get them out (Winter won’t take sides in Autumn disputes, but will
      keep Autumn changelings out of jail regardless)
    • Amanda suspects that the attackers weren’t trying to kill Arthur, but merely force him into
      renouncing his Changeling heritage and becoming mortal (and removing himself as a threat)
    • Arthur takes the form of the attackers
      • The Dryad remains unidentified
      • On of the Trolls is Robert Strong
    • Arthur decides not to go after the Mayor (Winter might take it the wrong way)
      • Amanda does offer to help if he decides to go after someone
    • Who in autumn might have set him up?
    • Amanda “just happens” to have found Sara Atwater’s SIM card. She agrees to call Robert and set
      up a meeting
      • Keiko suggests a bar that would fit the purpose of the meeting
      • The plan is that “Sara” will in theory be offering Robert a(nother?) job

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Troll Walks into a Bar

Present: Arthur, Keiko, Riza (some of the time)

Location: A Bar

  • Note that Riza is at the bar, but not present for the interview with Robert Strong
  • Arthur shifts himself into Sara’s form
  • Robert arrives, and starts to complain to “Sara” about facing three wizards including two
    • “They have swords. They chop your head off with them.”
  • “Sara” is able to intimidate him, and effectively get his side of the story
    • It sounds as if Robert was just hired to scare Arthur into choosing mortality, not to kill him
    • Robert has no idea where the Dryad is
    • Robert blames the Dryad for not having provided any real magical backup
  • They dismiss Robert, and discuss their next move



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