Dresden Files Baltimore

The Parade

I'm sure my PA won't mind pretending to be me

October 1, 2010

Getting ready for the parade

Present: Arthur, Ezra, Riza

Location: The Senator

  • Arthur has a plan for surviving the parade
    • The float will be patterned after House of a Thousand Corpses
      • Riza’s alternate suggestion of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is not approved
      • Arthur will attend as Tiny
      • The others will choose their own representatives
    • Various disguise plans are discussed
      • Arthur could use Glamour to create a double, and then shift himself to match them
        • However: there’s a lack of volunteers, and the Gentlemen aren’t good at looking human
      • Arthur could shapeshift himself to another form, and then use glamour to look like himself
        • Problem: that fails against foes who aren’t supernaturally sensitive
    • Eventually, then plan chosen is that Arthur will shapeshift, and then use Glamour to look
      like himself
    • Ezra will create a force dome to shield the float
      • This requires that the float be manually drawn by horses, as otherwise the magic could
        affect the truck
      • A wagon drawn by corpses is discussed, and rejected as impractical
    • Riza, Ezra, and Jeremiah will be on the float, Warden Nichols
      will be nearby
    • Arthur’s assistant will also be on the float, attending as a baby firefly
  • Ezra armours the float
    • Armour 3 (Complexity 6)
    • Group of people (Complexity +6)
    • Until Sunrise (Complexity +0)
  • Warden Nichols casts a Hyperawareness ritual on himself
    • Block: 4, affects Self and Others
  • Ezra summons two of the Gentlemen to act as guards, with the following two orders:
    • Protect Arthur
    • Protect everyone else on his float
  • Warden Nichols, with all the experience that his desk job has provided, gives Arthur a
    tradecraft lesson
  • Arthur armours up
    • Inhuman Toughness (Standard Fae catches)
    • Inhuman Recovery (Standard Fae catches)
    • Broad Supernatural Senses

The Parade

Present: Arthur, Ezra, Riza

Location: Charles Street

  • The parade is a success
  • Much of the audience is at least somewhat inebriated
  • Around Charles and North, the group is assailed by two Troll changelings, a Dryad changeling,
    and a few thugs
    • Ezra restrains the Gentlemen from responding lethally (effectively a refused compel)
    • The Dryad effectively removes herself from the fight, using Summer Magic to remove Ezra’s
    • The thugs attack with cold iron
    • Nichols turns the attack back on the attackers, removing several of them from the fight
    • Arthur is able to take down one Troll hand-to-hand
    • Jeremiah takes out the second Troll
  • Jerome and squad arrive (it took them three rounds, the combat lasted
    two) to arrest the opponents



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