Dresden Files Baltimore

A Farewell to Wayne

September 29, 2010

Laying Wayne to rest

Present: Elizabeth “Riza” Spangler, Ezra Tobin

Location: Greenmount Cemetery

  • Ezra asks his supervisors to officially close the investigation into Wayne’s
    murder, whilst keeping it open unofficially
  • Since his next step is to tell Wayne the results of the investigation, he picks up Riza on his
    way back to Greenmount.
  • Ezra relates how they found Carlos as a Renfield, and asks Wayne’s opinion
    • Wayne thinks that the Black Court may have been involved after all, as they were the main
      supernatural force that he was in conflict with.
      • It’s possible that Carlos tried to make some sort of deal, or to betray
        Asase Yaa
      • Possibly, Carlos made a deal that included the Black Court not killing him, but failed to
        include them not turning him into a Renfield (equally effective to keep him from answering
      • If the fae were involved, the deal might even have been magically binding
      • If Carlos and Devin James were friends, could Devin have been ordered to
        “take care of” Carlos and, not being the brightest of vampires, screwed it up?
      • Also, the Black Court’s behaviour was odd. Usually, they don’t object so strongly to minor
        trespassing, and indeed they use territory fights with the Autumn Court to keep their numbers
    • When hearing about how Orin reacted upon meeting
      Daniel, Wayne mentions that he had heard that Daniel was retired from
      working for Winter, probably as the Winter Knight
      • This sets off some speculation as to Arthur’s origins, but no results
    • Wayne does remember that one of Asase Yaa’s emissaries tried to buy
      Greenmount from the White Council about a year ago.
  • Wayne is beginning to fade, to Riza sets up a ritual to assist his ghost in passing beyond
  • Riza and Ezra discuss Devin and the upcoming duel, including the question about whether Devin
    is planning to leave some sort of “insurance” behind in case he ends up losing

New Faces

Present: Elizabeth “Riza” Spangler, Ezra Tobin

Location: Greenmount Cemetery

  • A knock on the door. Ezra answers, to discover Warden Nichols, currently the head of
    Intelligence gathering for the North American section.
  • Warden Nichols reveals that he read Ezra’s reports, and decided to come in person as a result
    of some disturbing developments.
    • Asase Yaa, after centuries of not venturing beyond the bounds of Louisiana, apparently has had
      emissaries buying territory all over North America in the past few years.
    • One territory that she purchased, in Portland, has now suddenly revealed itself to be the site
      of a new leyline, apparently previously dormant
  • Ezra gives Warden Nichols a briefing on all that’s happened since his most recent report
    • They discuss Asase Yaa, and the rumours Nichols has heard about her breeding special
      bloodlines for some purpose
    • They discuss Daniel, whom Nichols apparently encountered during the Second World War, and whom
      Nichols is surprised to hear is still alive.
      • Apparently Daniel was an honourable opponent, but not without a sense of humour
      • Nichols was part of a Warden team who spent much of the war chasing a person whom they
        thought was Kemmler through occupied France, finding out later that it was Daniel leading
        them on a diversion.
      • Nichols thinks that Stephan may be a war buddy of Daniel’s, possibly because
        Daniel needed a mortal he knew he could trust for whatever his goal may be.



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