Dresden Files Baltimore

End of the trail

It seems we need not pay the bitching price

September 28, 2010

The Meeting

Present: Arthur Covington, Ezra Tobin

Location: The Senator Movie Palace

  • Arthur receives a call from
    Orin, Envoy of Summer, suggesting a meeting. They agree to meet at
    the Senator, and to invite Ezra to join them.
  • Orin arrives to the meeting in a rather impressive convertible
  • Ezra asks that Orin agree to come along as a neutral third party to observe the intended
    meeting with Carlos. Orin agrees.
  • The group discusses whether to inform Jerome of their intentions, and decides that, since they
    only intend to talk with Carlos, having a representative of Asase Yaa along is
    • Arthur argues about this, wondering whether the group might need to use force to bring down
      Carlos if he flees. Arthur promises that, if Carlos does indeed flee, Arthur will take every
      opportunity to say “I told you so”, and to bitch about the results.

The Search

Present: Arthur Covington, Ezra Tobin

Location: East Baltimore Development Initiative

  • The group searches one of the two possible destroyed houses suggested by Jerome, and finds in
    the basement an underground passage leading towards the other house.
  • Arriving in the second house, they find Carlos, lying on the floor.
  • Ezra decides to open his Sight in order to examine the scene
    • Carlos is a fountain of rage, barely repressed
    • Carlos’ mind is barely present, as if his personality and soul had been ripped from his body
    • Carlos has bloody hands, and other signs of having committed recent violence
    • Carlos carries a dark knife, a blade that has been used for violent ritual purposes many times
      since its creation.
    • Carlos’ appearance under the Sight is very close to the appearances of Renfields, as described
      to Ezra in the past
  • Before Ezra can close his Sight, Carlos attacks the group
    • Ezra attempts to defend himself, Arthur attempts to attack Carlos, and Orin recites a poem

      You’d like us to acknowledge you were right.
      Self-congratulation is a vice.
      But you predicted Carlos would take flight;
      It seems we need not pay The Bitching Price.
    • The group is able to subdue Carlos, who ends up unconscious and missing his right arm, with
      the assistance of further poetry from Orin.
  • Arthur verifies that the knife was in fact the murder weapon (as it was)
  • Orin takes custody of a number of seeds which, he believes, might be able to grow cocaine
    (without all of that tedious refining involved)
  • Arthur phones Jerome, inviting him over to observe the scene and (potentially) take custody of
    the body.
  • The group discusses the situation whilst waiting for Jerome
    • The situation seems a bit pat to the group, suggesting a set-up
    • Is it possible that the Black Court is being framed for the murder?
    • Ezra takes samples from the body, and determines that the knife has belonged to Carlos for at
      least a decade.
    • Orin performs a ritual, hoping to learn more about the magic on the dagger. He does not share
      the results.
  • Jerome arrives
    • Jerome makes a formal arrest, and the discussion continues

The Ambush

Present: Arthur Covington, Ezra Tobin

Location: East Baltimore Development Initiative

  • The discussion is ended by Stanislav Aloysius walking in to the
    apartment, greeting Ezra, and offering to demonstrate to him the Black Court’s gratitude.



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