Dresden Files Baltimore

Police Procedure

I wasn't accusing him, I was saying he was being framed

September 24-25, 2010

Weekend Activities

Present: Arthur, Riza, Ezra

Location: Greenmount Cemetery, Hopkins Hospital

  • Riza is able to use her thaumaturgical abilities to experience Wayne’s final moments
    • Net information gained: being stabbed in the stomach hurts.
  • When leaving the cemetery, Ezra has a giant spider leap at him from hiding
    • Ezra draws his sword to fend off the beast, but is too frightened to act both quickly and effectively
    • Before Ezra can recover himself entirely, the spider begins dancing (badly) and singing show tunes.
    • On discovering that the spider is Arthur in disguise, Ezra suggests that Riza would be a better person to frighten in this manner.

Monday, September 26, 2010

Meeting Jerome

Present: Arthur, Riza, Ezra

Location: SI Headquarters

  • Jerome discusses the matter of parade security with Arthur
    • Jerome reveals that he is under pressure from those higher up not to provide on-duty security
    • Jerome does offer to be present himself (off-duty), and suggests that some members of his department may also find themselves sick, and end up going to watch the parade, especially if some means can be found of making up for lost income
    • Arthur agrees to provide some assistance to Jerome, who will pass it on to the officers involved.
    • Riza’s assessment reveals Jerome’s On the Take Aspect
  • Jerome discusses Wayne’s murder with Ezra
    • Jerome asks about the ritual
      • Ezra reveals that they were attempting to gain information from a local leyline, which was disturbed at the point where they conducted the ritual
    • Jerome asks that he be kept in the loop on the investigation, especially because he’s been doing favours for the group, including giving them access to police resources
      • Ezra agrees to keep Jerome up to speed on the investigation
      • Ezra further agrees to allow Jerome to be around to make the arrest, unless it turns out to be a Black Court vampire or equivalent
      • Jerome mentions that he has information on Devin James, the Black Court vampire who attacked Ezra and Riza in the morgue
        • Jerome provides a list of known contacts and known hangouts
        • Jerome indicates that he feels the Black Court may be involved in the crime
      • Ezra attempts to otherwise keep Jerome in the dark on what the group has discovered, but Jerome seems a bit suspicious
    • Arthur asks Jerome if he (or Asase Yaa) have any known enemies
      • Jerome mentions the Black Court as a possibility
      • An attempt to read Jerome reveals that he is worried about his own safety, and also about his supernatural reputation if, as the representative for mortal law, he can’t track down the killer
    • Ezra mentions that the killer may not be an active danger at this point, because it looks as if Wayne was able to use his death curse to somehow disrupt the killer’s activities
    • Ezra asks if Asase Yaa has any other local agents. Jerome replies that he doesn’t know.
    • Ezra also mentions that he was able to detect a residue of life magic in the wound, which prompts Jerome to circle a name and place on the list of Devin James’ associates and hangouts
      • Carlos Diyade was James’ cellmate some months ago, and they had a shared hangout where they stashed illicit goods
      • Investigating the location on a recent trip, the police found that the drugs stashed there appeared to be growing actual plants
      • The location is near EBDI, on the edge of Black Court territory
    • Arthur points out that the murder was likely carried out by some new player, likely a mortal man, and probably someone with some sort of magical knife, maybe even a recent acquisition
      • Arthur claims that he is not accusing Jerome, but suggesting that someone is framing him
      • Jerome repeats that he has no idea of who Asase Yaa’s enemies might be, and can’t imagine that she has many, as she is a generally benevolent force
      • Arthur asks to examine Jerome’s blade, and Jerome agrees to meet with the group later for the purpose

Meeting re. Meeting

Present: Arthur, Riza, Ezra

Location: Covington Estate

  • En route to the estate, Riza suggests that Arthur was less than tactful in (apparently) accusing Jerome of the crime
    • The group discusses who Asase Yaa is, and what her role is in all of this
    • Arthur plans to use his supernatural senses to examine Jerome’s knife for blood traces
    • Perhaps Jerome is being framed?
    • Arthur has a theory
      • Asase Yaa possessed Jerome
      • Jerome killed Wayne
      • Wayne’s death curse affected Asase Yaa, and not Jerome, because she was in control
  • The group decides to prepare in case Jerome attacks them at their next meeting
  • Ezra mentions that, since the death curse may have drawn on the leyline for power, he wants to trace the path of the curse
    • Arthur makes a detour to buy a giant map, and the group finally arrives at the estate
  • Daniel is, once again, unwilling to invite the group in
  • When they enter, they assist Eleanor in carrying a load of bloodstained clothes to the washing machine (cold water wash, for blood)
    • Eleanor thanks them, and notes that she doesn’t have anything for either of them
    • Riza notices that the bloodstains are odd, almost as if they don’t exist yet
  • Arthur sets up the map and begins to draw dramatic lines
    • The path from the cemetery to the leyline would continue to Louisiana
    • Arthur decides to plan in case the meeting with Jerome ends up as a chase scene
    • Arthur dresses in a trench coat, and arms himself with a Katana, a Bat’leth, and a d’k tahg before leaving the house

Late night meeting

Present: Arthur, Riza, Ezra

Location: Jerome’s house

  • Jerome’s house is nothing more than a slightly larger than average rowhouse (in the nicer part of Hampden) from the outside, but is full of signs of money well-spent on the inside
  • The only recent blood on Jerome’s knife is his own, from the ceremony that bound it to him (and him to Asase Yaa). There is older blood on the knife, from its previous owner, but no sign of Wayne’s blood.
  • Ezra and Riza decide to use the Sight on Jerome and his knife
    • Jerome is the Fool, in over his head and unaware that his profitable living arrangements are about to collapse
      • When the sight refuses to let Ezra go, he also sees a vision of Jerome typing at a computer, with a shadowy figure looking over his shoulder (and almost seeming to emerge from his shoulder)
    • The knife used to be something like Excalibur, but has grown much darker with the years
    • Ezra and Riza are caught up by the sight, and end up learning a great deal about each other
  • As the meeting draws to a close, Jerome mentions that he has been in touch with Asase Yaa, and she does (or at least did) have a local agent (first name Carlos, last name unknown to Jerome). Apparently, Carlos hasn’t contacted Asase Yaa in weeks, nor has he responded to her attempts to contact him.
  • The group bids good night to Jerome, and heads off in their separate ways.



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